Opening Day!!

This is the first day of my new blog...i'm excited!! This blog will be dedicated to all things crochet (and probably some other crafty stuff). I have been crocheting for approximately 3 years and love it. I have some finished projects at home that I have tucked away that I will take pics of and have about 5 projects that I am currently working on.

A bit about me...my name is Katherine and I am 26 years old. I'm a social worker, working with teen moms (Love to make stuff for my girl's babys). I am married to Trevor (now Dr. Trevor- he just graduated from medical school) and we live in Michigan (Grand Rapids).

My live other than family, work and crafts are my children. I have 4 furbabies...my cats, Pede, Joey and Evie and my dog, Callie. I also have to shellbabies...turtles, Bert and Sal. Pictures coming soon.


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