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Promise to get this site back up and moving :)


Me...According to online quizzes.

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You're both compassionate and brilliant - a rare combination.You were born to be a doctor.
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A Drunk Pumpkin Face
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Nurse Glider

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Hungry Slimer
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I am an only child!!!

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Halloween Pumpkins!

These are our pumpkins this year!! These are the new fake pumpkins that you can carve. They are great! Of course the first one is Joey our wonderful little boy. And then I figured the "welcome" one was cute too!


First Felting Project!!!

Here it is, my first felting project. I just love it!!



Thats how things have been lately!!

Crocheting- lets see. Oh, I found out who my secret pal was....It was Becks (Becky)!!! She has been absolutely wonderful!!! Let's see if I can list everything I received off the top of my head...A wonderful afghan (I think the fading is beautiful), 2 Skeins of 100% wool with Koolaid to dye (I can't wait to do this), a wonderful book on felting (I am not determined to learn to knit as well), a baby afghan book (which is absolutely perfect since I am making a baby blanket for my bestfriend), "Herman" the turtle figurine/candle (I'm so impressed with him...he is absolutely perfect and will always be known as Herman), a wonderful very soft cat bed which my cats sleep in ALL THE TIME (they love it- we have it on top of our TV cabinet!), a perfect pumpkin hot pad (I am so interested to learn how to do this....its amazing!), a turtle keychain (which is already on my keys), a book- "Turtle Diary" (which I am starting today on my way to Traverse City), the cutest turtle handkerchief, "Quakers the Duck" ( ), and the cutest stuffed animal turtle (I think his name is going to be Stan), turtle scissors (awesome) and then most amazing scissors holder (its cross-stitched and beaded)....since I received her wonderful reveal package I have completed my first dye and felting project....a really cute bag that I will post pics of soon.

TTC- Things are overall crappy. T and I got the results of our tests back and I am "all clear", but his SA came back a little low on morphology...so needless to say things have been stressful. I wasn't able to get in with the dr. again until the 31st (so we are missing another month). Then I decided that I just didn't think this dr. could provide everything we are going to need (he is just an OB/GYN) so I called and made an appointment with a local RE (really good and well known) for 11/08. So hopefully we can get things moving. I'm thinking we will go straight to IUI, but the doctors may have other ideas ;) . T and I have been all over each other (not in a good way) about everything. Just bitching and moaning. We both think it has to do with the extra stress of TTC so we are trying to take it easy. I bought the book "The Conception Chronicles" which is really humorous and have been loving it. Trying to insert some humor into this horrible process.

Promise to be back and post a pic of my latest project soon!



Ok, I seriously need to get here more often...

Lets see...what has happened since I was last here. Apparently, a lot since it has been so long.

Crocheting- I am working on finishing up my 35 squares for the swap. I swore to myself that I would get them done early, but here I am 8 days before I have to send them and I still have 10 to finish. I have been working on some projects for my SP at crochetville. I made a Ghost Halloween decoration (link) and a turtle potholder. What else have I been crocheting?? Seems like there should be more. Oh, I have also been working on snowflake ornaments to give as gifts for Christmas. I really like how each one is different.

TTC-Trevor and I went to see my new doctor. I really like him a lot, although he won't return our calls. I had a HSG done and my tubes are clear. T had a SA done last week and we are hopefully going to get the results today. Depending on what those are, we are hopefully going to get a plan together for the coming months.

Family- Dave's soccer team is doing well. We had some heartbreakers there for awhile, but they have seemed to pull things together. He starts Conference playoffs tomorrow so that will be fun. I am really going to miss when soccer is over. There were some articles in the paper about him...so cute! I will have to post them here when I have a chance.

Friends- We went to Traverse's City last weekend for Alex's birthday (fellow resident's son). He turned 2! We stayed at the Wolf Lodge. It was a lot of fun. They have an indoor water park!!

I think thats about it :)




So much for trying to post here everyday...that didn't work at all. Things have been really busy, but in a good way.

I have been trying to get to all of Dave's soccer games. He is the co-captain of the varsity team this year...I love it! So far there have been a couple of horrible games...its seems like they don't have a lot of motivation. But we had one game go into overtime that we won...so that was very fun!

Last weekend I took Trevor on a surprise vacation weekend to Chicago. We stayed at the Best Western Inn of Chicago (downtown). We went and saw the Body Worlds Exhibit (http://www.bodyworlds.com/en/pages/home.asp) at the Museum of Science and Industy. It was absolutely amazing. I can't even begin to describe it!! I would recommend that everyone go see it!!

This weekend we went back to Chicago for my second cousins wedding. It was very nice and it was nice to be able to see all the family again this year. We are starting to plan the Christmas party already and I guess I am going to be helping with the kids activity. It should be fun.

Ok, I need to get ready for the week, but promise to start posting more!



Catching Up!

Wow, I didn't realize I hadn't been here in so long. Well, I guess I have been here doing technical stuff but not posting. One of my 101 things is to blog everyday for a month so I am going to start that today (08.22.05)

TTC- We are still waiting. My chart was looking really good two days ago and now its just so-so. I think today is day 9 so I will test on day 12 or so if my temp has plumeted.

Crochet- I have been working on my halloween table topper. It's working up slowly now, but I am still very interested in completing it. I also need to finish up my squares for the swap. I don't want to have to be doing them the last minute.

Christmas- Yes, I am already thinking about Christmas. I think I have an idea for Trevor's collegues and some of our friends, so I am going to order some things and try to get organized ahead of time this year and not panic two days before.

Trevor- Well, Trevor was on call most of the weekend so I stayed with mom. And get this. He is on call today, friday and sunday and then he will be at camp wednesday and thursday. So I will get to see him tuesday night for a couple hours and then saturday night for a couple hours. Yuck! He promised next month will be better.

Misc.- I am reading a really good book called "The Great Influenza"...its about the influenza epidemic of 1912. I saw a short documentary on it and thought that I would enjoy reading it. I also got a book called "The Hot Zone" about ebola and "Hitler's Scientist" about the Nazi scientist and their experiments (should be interesting and horrible).

Hoping to work on some craft stuff tonight when I get home since I have the house to myself.



Happy Monday!

Ok, not sure that its so happy, but it is Monday :) Spent the weekend with my mom as Trevor went up north with one of his buddies from med school. It was a nice, quiet weekend. I still have a cold from a week ago and my mom just got sick this weekend so we laid low. I started working on a new crochet project. Its a holiday table topper for Halloween. I'm hoping get it done before the end of October, but we will see. I really like working with thread. I didn't think I would, but it seems to work up pretty quickly. Promise to post pics of my progress soon.

On the TTC front- think I may have ovulated this weekend on saturday. I'm so tired of this whole thing I try not to think about it. So if I did O I will be testing on the 27th..ugh, the 2 week wait is horrible.

Ok, must get back to work, but I'm planning on shopping for my SP today!!




We got a call tonight from my mom saying that some called her and said that they had Joey!!! We went over and it was him....!!! He's so skinny, but other than he is just wonderful!! I can't believe that he made it home. I never thought we would see him again. I'm going to be taking some pictures of him tomorrow so I can make a scrapbook page of this horrible event. Ok, off to spend some more time with him!



Secret Pal Surprise

I got home from work today and had a surprise waiting for me!! I was having a ho-hum day and it was so wonderful to have something waiting for me. My SP is the best!! I received homespun yarn, tea, "tickle" yarn (thinking of a project to use this for already), a beautiful butterfly pen, a cute turtle washcloth, a kitty that looks just like Pede and a turtle change purse that I am going to beg my SP for the pattern for...it is SO cute!! And then when I came to post a thank-you I had an email too!!! I can't wait to find out who my SP is!!! Thank you SP if you read this!!

Kailani's Sweater

Here is the sweater that I finished for my neice Kailani. It worked up really quick and I was very pleased with it.


Happy Hump Day!

Not too much to report today. Had a good night with Trevor last night which was nice since he is on call tonight and won't be home until sometime tomorrow. I'm planning on going out to eat with my mom tonight.

Spent some time working on a couple squares last night for the swap. I found a pattern that I really like. I will see if I can find the link.

Other than that I spent the night working on my 101 things in 1001 day list. That will be coming soon. I think I'm up to 70 things.

I also spent some time making something for my secret pal. I would like to post it, but that would give it away. I will post the pics of everything at the end of the swap.