Thats how things have been lately!!

Crocheting- lets see. Oh, I found out who my secret pal was....It was Becks (Becky)!!! She has been absolutely wonderful!!! Let's see if I can list everything I received off the top of my head...A wonderful afghan (I think the fading is beautiful), 2 Skeins of 100% wool with Koolaid to dye (I can't wait to do this), a wonderful book on felting (I am not determined to learn to knit as well), a baby afghan book (which is absolutely perfect since I am making a baby blanket for my bestfriend), "Herman" the turtle figurine/candle (I'm so impressed with him...he is absolutely perfect and will always be known as Herman), a wonderful very soft cat bed which my cats sleep in ALL THE TIME (they love it- we have it on top of our TV cabinet!), a perfect pumpkin hot pad (I am so interested to learn how to do this....its amazing!), a turtle keychain (which is already on my keys), a book- "Turtle Diary" (which I am starting today on my way to Traverse City), the cutest turtle handkerchief, "Quakers the Duck" ( ), and the cutest stuffed animal turtle (I think his name is going to be Stan), turtle scissors (awesome) and then most amazing scissors holder (its cross-stitched and beaded)....since I received her wonderful reveal package I have completed my first dye and felting project....a really cute bag that I will post pics of soon.

TTC- Things are overall crappy. T and I got the results of our tests back and I am "all clear", but his SA came back a little low on morphology...so needless to say things have been stressful. I wasn't able to get in with the dr. again until the 31st (so we are missing another month). Then I decided that I just didn't think this dr. could provide everything we are going to need (he is just an OB/GYN) so I called and made an appointment with a local RE (really good and well known) for 11/08. So hopefully we can get things moving. I'm thinking we will go straight to IUI, but the doctors may have other ideas ;) . T and I have been all over each other (not in a good way) about everything. Just bitching and moaning. We both think it has to do with the extra stress of TTC so we are trying to take it easy. I bought the book "The Conception Chronicles" which is really humorous and have been loving it. Trying to insert some humor into this horrible process.

Promise to be back and post a pic of my latest project soon!



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