Catching Up!

Wow, I didn't realize I hadn't been here in so long. Well, I guess I have been here doing technical stuff but not posting. One of my 101 things is to blog everyday for a month so I am going to start that today (08.22.05)

TTC- We are still waiting. My chart was looking really good two days ago and now its just so-so. I think today is day 9 so I will test on day 12 or so if my temp has plumeted.

Crochet- I have been working on my halloween table topper. It's working up slowly now, but I am still very interested in completing it. I also need to finish up my squares for the swap. I don't want to have to be doing them the last minute.

Christmas- Yes, I am already thinking about Christmas. I think I have an idea for Trevor's collegues and some of our friends, so I am going to order some things and try to get organized ahead of time this year and not panic two days before.

Trevor- Well, Trevor was on call most of the weekend so I stayed with mom. And get this. He is on call today, friday and sunday and then he will be at camp wednesday and thursday. So I will get to see him tuesday night for a couple hours and then saturday night for a couple hours. Yuck! He promised next month will be better.

Misc.- I am reading a really good book called "The Great Influenza"...its about the influenza epidemic of 1912. I saw a short documentary on it and thought that I would enjoy reading it. I also got a book called "The Hot Zone" about ebola and "Hitler's Scientist" about the Nazi scientist and their experiments (should be interesting and horrible).

Hoping to work on some craft stuff tonight when I get home since I have the house to myself.



At 9:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog link works now!!!!!

Wow! It's so nice in here. I'm very impressed! You seem like a well-organized person.

I tried to click on to your "Kat's other pages" to see the picture of Pede especially, (since you said the cat stuffed animal looked like him/her), but the links don't work. Rats! I really wanted to see your shellbabies too!

Ah well, your baby clothes and blankets are amazing! You are very talented!

At 9:39 AM, Blogger Kat said...

Hi SP!!

I finally got everything working!! I don't have pics of the babies up yet, but I promise I will work on them soon!!

Thanks for visiting!!



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