Happy Monday!

Ok, not sure that its so happy, but it is Monday :) Spent the weekend with my mom as Trevor went up north with one of his buddies from med school. It was a nice, quiet weekend. I still have a cold from a week ago and my mom just got sick this weekend so we laid low. I started working on a new crochet project. Its a holiday table topper for Halloween. I'm hoping get it done before the end of October, but we will see. I really like working with thread. I didn't think I would, but it seems to work up pretty quickly. Promise to post pics of my progress soon.

On the TTC front- think I may have ovulated this weekend on saturday. I'm so tired of this whole thing I try not to think about it. So if I did O I will be testing on the 27th..ugh, the 2 week wait is horrible.

Ok, must get back to work, but I'm planning on shopping for my SP today!!



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