Ok, I seriously need to get here more often...

Lets see...what has happened since I was last here. Apparently, a lot since it has been so long.

Crocheting- I am working on finishing up my 35 squares for the swap. I swore to myself that I would get them done early, but here I am 8 days before I have to send them and I still have 10 to finish. I have been working on some projects for my SP at crochetville. I made a Ghost Halloween decoration (link) and a turtle potholder. What else have I been crocheting?? Seems like there should be more. Oh, I have also been working on snowflake ornaments to give as gifts for Christmas. I really like how each one is different.

TTC-Trevor and I went to see my new doctor. I really like him a lot, although he won't return our calls. I had a HSG done and my tubes are clear. T had a SA done last week and we are hopefully going to get the results today. Depending on what those are, we are hopefully going to get a plan together for the coming months.

Family- Dave's soccer team is doing well. We had some heartbreakers there for awhile, but they have seemed to pull things together. He starts Conference playoffs tomorrow so that will be fun. I am really going to miss when soccer is over. There were some articles in the paper about him...so cute! I will have to post them here when I have a chance.

Friends- We went to Traverse's City last weekend for Alex's birthday (fellow resident's son). He turned 2! We stayed at the Wolf Lodge. It was a lot of fun. They have an indoor water park!!

I think thats about it :)



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