Everything has been horrible lately.

First...Joey, the most wonderful cat ever, is missing. He accidentaly got out of the house Monday night. During the night we had a horrible thunderstorm and we haven't seen him since. We have spent hours and hours searching and nothing. I went to the humane society to see if someone found him and nothing. Trevor called area vets to see if any cats have been brought in and nothing. We spend hours putting up posters and nothing. It's like he disappeared out of thin air. I just can't stand this feeling. I would rather have a body or something than just never know what happended to him. He really is the sweetest cat I have ever met, and that means something with as many cats as I have known.

Second...I think we are out again this month for TTC. Things just are looking good. However, I do have a doctor's appointment next Friday to get things figured out. I was really hoping it wouldn't have to come to that.


Now onto crochet things. I finshed a ripple afghan for a friend that is having a baby. I was really happy with the end result and I hope she will be too! I will post some pics after she receives it as she may peek in here :) I also finished a sweater for my new niece Kailani!! I even put her initial "K" on the front. I will have pics of that this weekend. Other than that I have been working on a random square swap that I joined. I am really having fun with that.


I'm spending the weekend with my mom as Trevor is working 3rd shift this week and I can't stand sitting at home by myself waiting to see if Joey comes home. I think we are planning on going to the county fair to see the animals and have elephant ears. I have to have elephant ears!!! I just hope that things start to pick up. I'm tired of feeling crappy all the time.




Wow, I haven't been here in awhile. I have been crocheting a ton lately. I am almost done with my ripple blanket that will be going to a friend, but I will take pics. I have also joined a square swap on crochetville.org, which should be really fun. I think I have 3 of the 35 squares done so I need to get going. I also joined a autumn secret pal thread which I think will be really neat.

On the TTC side, I think I am 2dpo today so I have about 12 more days before testing. I hate the 2ww. So if this month doesn't work we will be heading for more testing and possible infertility drugs. I'm glad that we at least have a plan.

Bert and Sal seem to have a cold and haven't been that active. I'm worried about them since turtles can get pnemonia really fast, but they are still eating so I am going to hold out taking them to the vet.

Let see, anything else?? Nope I think thats it. Trevor is working 2nd shift this week which is bad because we never see each other, but he will be off for the weekend, so I guess its OK.



Recovering for the holiday weekend...

Trevor and I spent this weekend with my mom. Trevor had to work Saturday and Sunday so it was nice not to be alone. I worked on my "Misty Turtle" quite a bit this weekend and he is really coming along. I should have pictures soon!!

Jana- I'm not too sure about the patterns. Let me look and I will get back to you soon!!




And finally my most recent project...

Diagonal Box Stitch Baby Blanket- I really loved this stitch, it worked up very quickly.


Green Hooded Baby Blanket


Pink Hooded Baby Blankets


Pink/White Baby Sweater- this project was one of my first and I need to figure out what to do with the ends that I cut to short.


Here are some of my most recent projects!!

Striped Blanket- I made this project over a year ago and have put it away in storage incase we have a baby soon! The yellow really isn't as gold as in the picture.

Busy Busy Busy...

I haven't been around lately...too busy crocheting I guess. I am in the process of taking pictures of my finished projects and have been busily working on my "misty turtle" which I think will be the mascot of my blog!! Promise to post pictures soon!